Why 100% Natural Beeswax?

Our Grade-A, Premium Beeswax is a natural product like honey and pollen, which is manufactured by one of the nature’s most diligent and zealous arm of workers – The Bees. You would be surprised to know that honeybees fly a combined distance of around 240,000 km, which is equivalent to traveling roughly 6 times around the earth, for yielding 1 pound of wax known as the beeswax. The beeswax produces by these bees is a non-toxic waxy substance that is secreted by bees after consuming honey. This wax is used by honeybees either to construct their honeycomb or to repair it. Beeswax generally come in colors such as white, yellow, orange, brown, or red, depending upon the age of the honeycomb and from where it is obtained. When this wax is cleaned and filtered, it could be used for several beneficial purposes by humans and its uses in a wide range of products dates back thousands of years.

Though beeswax finds its application in many areas such as batik fabric dyeing, rust proofing, cheese waxing, nail/screws coating, waterproofing, making polishes, making crayons, and making cosmetics and medications, we’ve decided to use this wax as the only wax used in 100% of all of our products. Beeswax candles are not just any ordinary candles, these candles offer several important benefits that make them so special and highly demanded. Lets start looking at some of these benefits.

Beeswax Benefits for Health Conditions

Beeswax possesses great medicinal values. This is the reason why it is widely used for making pharmaceuticals and cosmetics. Beeswax, which is derived from flowers by bees, is nontoxic, and when burned emits proven beneficial negative-ions. The anti-allergenic , anti-inflammatory, and anti-oxidant properties of beeswax make it a strong and natural health protector. Let’s look at some of the specific health benefits of beeswax and negative-ions in more detail:

Improved Respiratory Functions

Air contains thousands and thousands of little tiny particles called “ions”, these ions contain electrical charges (negative, positive, and natural). Typically the ratio among these charges is balanced evenly. The problem for this with asthma and other respiratory problems is that possibly charged ions tend to agitate and make worse the symptoms, which can lead to severe asthma attacks and medical emergencies. By burning beeswax candles which naturally produce negative-ions, you help remove some of the positive charges which have been proven to help those with chronic bronchitis or asthma.

Remove Allergens & Bacterias

Beeswax is very often used for treating allergies owing to the non-allergenic properties that it contains. They do this by causing allergens, viruses, and bacteria such as pollen, mold spores, dust, and pet dander floating in the air (which are always natural or positively charged) to be attracted the negative charge and forming clumps. After a short while these clumps of particles become heavy enough for gravity to simply drop them harmlessly to the floor which can swept or vacuumed away. This prevents them from remaining suspended in the air where they can breathed in and cause allergic reactions and illnesses.

Increased Energy & Mental Clarity

Studies at several universities located throughout the globe, have concluded that an increase in negative-ions (negative air ionization therapy) is known to have a direct relation with improved energy levels, mental clarity, focus, body functions (lungs, liver, etc), and over all sense of well-being. Our 100% beeswax candles produce small concentrated pockets of these negative-ions allowing you to enjoy all the benefits of negative-ionizer while enjoying the fresh scents and comforting feel of our premium candles.

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Benefits of 100% Beeswax Candles

Unlike other traditional candle waxes like soy, paraffin or palm, our premium quality beeswax candles are pure and 100% natural. Beeswax has an extremely long life, highest melting point of all known waxes, and burns clean with no black sooty smoke. Beeswax candles make a small fraction of the total candle production of the world. Paraffin and Soy constitute the most used candle making materials worldwide. But, this doesn’t mean that beeswax is inferior to paraffin and soy. Actually, beeswax is a rare and costly product. On the other hand, paraffin wax and soy wax are synthetic products, which are available in abundance, hence common and cheaper. A quick comparison of beeswax with the two most popular candle wax found in majority of candles, paraffin and soy, will help you in understanding which candle wax is better.

Beeswax vs. Soy

Comparison Beeswax Soy wax
100% Natural
Improve Air Quality
Long Burn Time
Medicinal Properties
Pleasant Natural Scent
Beeswax vs. Paraffin

Comparison Beeswax Paraffin
100% Natural
Improve Air Quality
Long Burn Time
Bright Clean Flame
Healthy for All Ages
Environmentally Friendly

Additional Benefits

Improved Sleep

Studies have shown the negative-ions found in our beeswax candles actually help you sleep better and faster. This is due greatly to the positive effects of negative-ions related to the production of serotonin in the human brain. Increased serotonin are created in the brain and works as a neurotransmitter and low levels have serotonin can lead many neurological disorders such as insomnia and depression.

No Toxic Emissions

Beeswax candles, being 100% natural, do not produce any toxic by products when lit (no black dark soot) unlike all traditional candles. The toxins in all the traditional wax candles contain large quantities of carcinogenic chemicals which can have extremely negative health effects. All LayZee Bee Candles contain 100% beeswax which burn clean with no black smoke and actually help improve your health.

Soothing & Calming Effect

Simply lighting a beeswax candle in a room has a soothing effect on the mind and body of those inside. The natural honey scent which get mixed with the clean air create an ideal atmosphere for meditation and relaxation. In addition, due to the natural emission of negative-ions they have a relaxing effect that can normalize your breathing rate, decrease blood pressure and relieve tension.

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